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Who we are..

Welcome to the GIFT Forum...

We are one of the most diverse and inclusive non-profit fintech forums globally, with very high caliber members from 65 countries across all regions.

Our members include leaders from the entire spectrum of the Digital finance and innovation ecosystem:  Banks, Regulators, Central Banks, Multilateral Agencies (IFC, ADB, UNCDF, IDB, IMF etc), Fintech and blockchain companies, Angel Investors, VCs, thought leaders and Academia.

We engage with marquee partners on high impact projects.


Our goal is to create a balanced, objective platform for deepening the fintech ecosystem, building global bridges, fostering cutting edge thought leadership and enabling global knowledge sharing.

Currently, memberships are by invite only...

If you are keen to become a member, or to partner with us, please reach out to us.

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Our Mission, Vision, Values..


To be the world’s most diverse and inclusive Fintech community platform, to enable knowledge sharing, stakeholder engagement and community building.


To engage with Fintech ecosystem stakeholders and relevant entities to help facilitate social, financial and digital inclusion.

Key Pillars: 4 Cs

  • Content (thought leadership, knowledge sharing, best practices)

  • Community: Connections, communication, networking

  • Cooperation and collaboration

  • Causes: leverage technology for impact and inclusion

Home: Who We Are

What we do..

Cutting edge thought leadership

With this initiative, our goal is to foster global thought leadership in the domains of Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Digital Financial Inclusion etc. To this extent, we partner with leading global agencies, universities and thought leaders.


Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.

Global Fintech ecosystem development

We strive to act as a bridge for the global fintech and blockchain community, by engaging with various stakeholders- Multilateral agencies, Central bankers, Regulators, Academics, industry leaders and thought leaders. 


Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

Supporting high impact projects

At Global Impact FinTech (GIFT) Forum, we are dedicated to identifying and supporting impact projects, through cooperation and community empowerment.


We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

Contact us to know more..

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